Buyers now have all the power. Information is free and everywhere. Buyers are no longer satisfied with waiting for information. They want it in when and where they are searching for it.

This presents the problem of how do we fulfil buyers’ desire of real-time information? Is there a way for marketers to provide prospects with information they want without having to wait for a call from a sales person? In Drift’s contribution to the 2018 AI Growth Summit presenters Alexandra Orafao, Conversational Marketing Manager, and Sara Pion, Conversation Marketing Specialist, explain how 7 Bots That Created 700 Net Meetings.

Cold calls and emails are outdated

B2B marketers have been using a model which involves amassing leads from forms filled out on websites. From there the cold emails and calls begin in hopes of getting a chance to talk to an actual buyer who may be interested in purchasing your product. It’s the way marketing and sales have been done for many years.

Here are three questions asked early on in the presentation:


  1. How many of you enjoy getting cold calls?
  2. How many of your reply to cold emails?
  3. How many of you avoid filling out forms when you can?

Bots remove friction from the buying process

As the presentation title suggests, Sara Pion Conversation Marketing Specialist at Drift explains how seven chatbots were able to book 700 net new meetings, create $1 million in pipeline, have a 50% increase of qualified leads and led to 40% of demos booked (stats quoted from their own case studies).

The key is to have a strategy for the bots you use. It’s important to have a plan as to where to put the bots, know what they should be saying and to make sure they are focusing on the right targets.

By using built-in analytics through the Drift product you are able to determine which pages you should place bots to ensure you are reaching your buyers where they are going. Drift also uses IP data and smart targeting to help add personalisation, improving your prospect’s experience on your site.

Smart-targeting also also takes away the qualification process that always accompanies the form-filling process. Prospects are automatically qualified and fed information that is relevant to them.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in a more detailed description of Drift’s 7 bots that created 700 net meetings, visit the 2018 AI Growth Summit.