Here we are, almost half-way through the year. Your B2B content marketing plan for the year may be moving forward nicely. Or you may be wondering what to do next. Either way, we figured we’d share some content marketing stats to keep you inspired.

Content marketing is often done by a small number of people or outsourced

1. 53% of B2B companies using content marketing have a small or one person marketing/content marketing team that serves the entire organisation. (Content Marketing Institute) Which explains why so many marketers say they do not have the time to do content marketing. It also explains the next statistic…

2. 47% of B2B marketers outsource their content creation. (Content Marketing Institute) Psst…in case you were interested in going in this direction, we provide B2B content marketing services.

Use of advanced technologies such as augmented reality continues to grow, creating new avenues for content marketing

3. By 2020 augmented reality is expected to have 1 billion users. (NewGenApps) This means that NOW is the time to explore how these technologies can best be used within your marketing strategy.

Mobile continues to grow and is a major revenue generator for B2B content marketing

4. More than 40% of revenue for leading B2B companies is driven by mobile. (Think with Google)

5. 52% of world wide web traffic is generated through mobile phones. (Statista) These two stats are a good reminder to make sure your content and website are mobile optimised. And if you haven’t considered mobile in your content marketing programme, it might be time to give that a rethink.

While social is still going strong

6. Half of digital consumers follow brands on social networks. (Globalwebindex) While you may think this is only important to B2C companies, your brand and its presence on social is still vital.

Blogs play an important role in any content marketing strategy

7. For 53% of marketers, blog writing is a top priority for inbound marketing efforts. (State of Inbound)

8. Companies that publish 16 or more blog posts per month receive 3.5 times more traffic than companies who publish far less often (0-4 posts per month). (HubSpot)

Lastly, measuring and analysing impact is still a priority for most marketing campaigns

9. 89% of marketers feel that analysing and measuring their marketing impact as their top priority. (Demand Gen Report) This should come as no big surprise since marketers need to constantly analyse their marketing campaigns not only to make sure they are doing things right but to also justify their marketing budgets.